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To Reach the On-Call Physician
If you need to discuss an urgent manner after hours, the on-call provider (physician or nurse) can be reached by calling the office (978) 250-4081, and following the instructions.  A member of our clinical staff is available seven days a week, including holidays. Any time you call our office after hours, the message will instruct you on how to reach the on-call provider.  If you ever fail to receive a prompt return call (usually within twenty minutes), PLEASE CALL AGAIN.  Electronic paging is not infallible!

Emergency Room Visits
If your child has an emergency that threatens life or limb, go directly to the Emergency Department at Lowell General Hospital, or your nearest emergency facility. If your child is seen at the Emergency Department, please call the office the next business day so that we can follow up appropriately.

All of the materials and information on the Web site, and the links that we are providing are for general information and education and are not intended to promote self-diagnosis or treatment.
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