Vaccines save lives.  Diseases including polio, diphtheria, measles, mumps, rubella and tetanus, once responsible for devastating childhood illness, are now prevented with routine immunization.

 While most of these illnesses are now rarely encountered thanks to comprehensive immunizations, the viruses and bacteria that cause them still exist!  It is for this reason that ongoing immunization is so critical to the well being the children of today.

We receive occasional inquiries from our patients about the safety of various immunizations.  The immunizations given to children are very safe.  Any risks associated with immunization are far outweighed by protecting against the dangers of vaccine preventable illnesses.

For more information about the importance of immunizations, please refer to the following article from the American Academy of Pediatrics: Why Immunizations are Important

Comprehensive, frequently updated information on childhood immunizations is available at: AAP Childhood Immunization Information

Every time an immunization is administered, a “Vaccine Information Sheet” is provided.  These sheets are produced by the Center for Disease Control.  If you would like to review these, you can also view and print them online as well from the CDC Website.

When you come in, feel free to ask for an updated copy of the childhood immunization schedule.

Please also note that due to changing schedules and formulations, the timing of immunizations changes.  We strive to keep our practice current by following the most up-to-date guidelines for childhood immunizations.

MMR Practice Policy

·       All eligible patients receive MMR immunization in this practice.

o   1st Dose: Twelve months of age.

o   2nd Dose: Age Four.

·       Only patients with an established Medical Contraindication will be exempt.

o   Acute febrile illness at the time of scheduled administration.

o   Medical contraindication confirmed by the provider or PCP.

·       Patients who do not receive the MMR due to an acute contraindication will be immunized at their next visit.

o   Well Child Visit.

o   Acute Visit.

o   Scheduled shot-only visit.

·       Should someone choose not to immunize a child without an established Medical Contraindication, the patient will not be allowed into our practice.

o   Measles is contagious long before patients show symptoms.

o   Individuals can unknowingly present to us while they are contagious.

o   Individuals can infect those who are most vulnerable or not eligible for immunization.

 If a parent or guardian still chooses not to immunize a child without contraindication, he or she will be directed to an urgent care for any acute concerns. We will facilitate the transfer of that child’s medical records to another primary care provider.  However, we urge anyone doing so to inform any medical facility in advance that they are not immunized against Measles.  This is for the patient’s own protection as well as all the other patients at that facility.

So, What’s so BAD about Measles?

· Measles is a serious illness.

o   1 in 5 will get hospitalized.

o   1 in 1,000 will develop brain swelling due to infection.

o   1 to 3 of every 1,000 children infected will die, even with the best care.

 ·  Measles is one of the most contagious viruses known. 

o   Up to 9 out of 10 susceptible persons with close contact to a measles patient will develop measles.

o   It is spread by both direct contact with droplet, and airborne (that means you don’t even need to touch anyone or anything!).

o   Measles virus can remain infectious for up to two hours after an infected person leaves the area.

 ·  Who is most at risk?

o   Children under 5 years of age.

o   Pregnant women.

o   People with compromised immune systems, such as from leukemia, HIV infection, or immune compromising drugs due to illness or transplant.

 Because these individuals (young children, pregnant women and immune compromised) are frequently in this office, it is important that we not expose them unnecessarily.

 For more information on Measles, visit

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